January 14, 2011

Are we the new trendsetters?

This afternoon I met with one of my girl-friends for dessert at Juliano's Planet Raw Restaurant in Santa Monica. Over Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Parfait (so sorry, I didn't manage to take a picture of the Chocolate Mousse - yum ;-) we talked about the 'new lifestyle'.

Looking back, I was introduced to raw food in 1994 but really fell in love with raw living food in 2010. There's something very special about eating raw living food. I learned it's far from just 'boring' salads. 'Living gourmet cuisine' consists of creamy and crunchy dishes - all created from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains - the plates look like art to me.

Today raw food restaurants are popping up internationally. Hollywood's celebrities are touting its fountain of youth and beauty benefits. People around the world talk about eating living raw food as something to be discovered, as though it is THE revolutionary way of living. The truth is, it isn't exactly a new concept, it is centuries old.
All trends come in waves, and they are often times here today and gone tomorrow. The 'hottest trend' in health - going raw -  isn't just a fad, I think, it's here to stay. Today there’s a lot of emphasis on how you eat and what you eat. Food has become kind of 'fashionable'- and consumers want to know more about it. So professional chefs might unexpectedly have become influential culinary figures who have the great opportunity to educate consumers about a healthy, balanced diet, and I hope it will have an impact.
As living raw food is a lifestyle, it's not just about eating raw food but living it. The philosophy behind it is both nutritional and spiritual. I think, it doesn't matter whether you are just raw-curious, increasingly raw, mostly raw or 100% raw, either way is fine. But the more fresh, living foods you consume daily, the healthier your mind and body will be.

Inspire your friends to add 'living foods' into their meal plans! This 'new' way of eating is rawlicious, easy and so much fun. Remember, you are what you eat.

Elis :-*

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