January 19, 2011

How many of us out there have started making our New Year's resolutions come true?

When I cleaned up my desk today, I found the Flying Wish Paper my sister and brother in law gave us last year. It was a wonderful idea, and I thought of the magical moment on New Year's Eve: to watch our wishes and resolutions for 2011 lift off and fly.

New Year's resolutions. New Year. New You. The impending vows to eat healthier, lose weight, have more 'me' time, spend more time with your family, and, and, and... If you haven't started yet, that's ok. But let me give you an idea of how to make your resolutions come true in 2011: Think of your resolutions as concrete changes in your lifestyle. Be good to yourself and take 'baby steps'. Make simple plans that are possible to stick with throughout the whole year. And 2011 will be your year!

Laugh a lot, love a lot, take things as they come and don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. I hope 2011 is going to be the year you made your resolutions come true!

Elis :-*

P.S. You can find the Flying Wish Paper here: http://www.flyingwishpaper.com/, or you just cut a tea bag open, empty it and use the fine paper roll. That'll work as well! ;-)

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